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by Tori

Create to Give

July 26, 2012 in Projects

My office recently collected donations for a local animal shelter, and towels/blankets were among the list of things they needed. I got to brainstorming and decided that I wanted to make a couple fleece blankets. I went to my local fabric shop and found some cute fleece on sale for about $5/yard. Here's how to make them: Supplies: Fleece or flannel Fabric shears Ruler Ribbon Thread Sewing machine ...

by Kendra

Quick Fleece Blanket

May 10, 2010 in General, Videos

I love quick and simple gift ideas that are perfect for people of all ages. A quick fleece blanket is just one project that fits what I'm looking for. Watch as Nancy Zieman takes you through the steps to create these quick no-sew or low-sew blankets. In just five minutes she shows you three different techniques from simple to supper simple! ...
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