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by Erika

Halloween Pet Projects

October 10, 2017 in News, Projects

Halloween is right around the corner! You are already planning how your decorations, your family's costumes and your house party. What about your four-legged friends? Don't forget them on this spook-tacular holiday. Get them in the Halloween spirit with these howlingly fun projects! Tiny Dancer Forget Swan Lake, your dancing dog is now a prima ballerina ready to take the stage at ...

by Stacey

Great Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 27, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

Halloween is Monday and I am sure that the ghost and ghouls will be out all weekend celebrating. If you or your child don't have a costume yet take a look at a few DIY costumes that I have found. Some my require a sleepless night, and others that can wait for the last minute party invite.  I think most ...

by Kelly

Halloween Sewing Tip 2

October 13, 2011 in General, Tips & Tricks

Decorative edge rotary blade Rotary cutters are great for cutting out costumes quickly. A rotary cutter with a pinking or wave blade is often enough of a seam finish you could need.

Niki Makes Totally Stitchin’ Proud

November 17, 2008 in General

At a recent Halloween party, my friend Niki showed up in this amazing Snow White dress. The best part? She made it!! Niki hasn’t sewn since 6th grade, but she really wanted to be Snow White this year and couldn’t find a costume at the local shops. So, she asked her Grandmother to help her create this amazing dress: Look how pretty! ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Halloween Costume

September 29, 2008 in General

I've been struggling to find a great Halloween costume this year, but I just discovered a project for this: ... and have been dying laughing ever since. Obviously I will have to alter some of the measurements, but I am only 5'2. I can "make it work." Feel free to get your own instructions here for the "Tricky Gnome on Toadstool" costume. Just ...
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