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by Stacey

Time To Shorten Your Pants

March 31, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

It is spring here in the mid-west, which means it is time to put away those blah winter clothes and pull out the spring wardrobe. Capri pants are always welcomed in my closet and when a pair of kaki pants have seen better days, that is when I like to give them a makeover. Follow these simple steps, and in less ...

by Kendra

Hemming Pants Crease?

May 21, 2009 in General, Tips & Tricks

Have you had trouble removing the crease from a hem that you have just let down? Try spraying the crease with an equal mix of white vinegar and water, then press the crease with a pressing cloth. It that doesn't work, try using the vinegar straight.  But, before using, test it on a discrete part of the garment first to ensure ...
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