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by Erika

Quilting Tips & Tricks from Baby Lock Experts

March 31, 2017 in News

National Quilting Month ends today, can you believe it? To wrap up the festivities we're sharing some quilting tips and tricks from our Baby Lock experts! Read and watch below to get the scoop from our team behind the scenes. Linda Pacini--National Training Manager    "While I love collections of fabric, many times it’s just a print or two in the collection that makes my ...

by Erika

Fun & Free Quilting Projects

March 27, 2017 in News, Projects

Welcome back quilting friends! National Quilting Month is winding down, but there's more quilting fun to be had with free quilting tutorials. Check out this round up of great projects to test out new quilting techniques or to add to your project to-do list this year. Simple Simon and Co--Building Blocks Quilt Sewing sister-in-laws, Liz and Elizabeth Evans, love sharing quilting with others on ...

by Erika

5+ Quilty Reads

March 24, 2017 in News

Hey everyone! We are full speed ahead on celebrating National Quilting Month this week. Today, I have something fun for our quilting community. Learning more about your craft can be challenging and intimidating, but with resources like YouTube, blogs, and podcasts we can learn more from other's techniques and experiences. Taking it back old school before videos were the fore front of media, ...

by Erika

QuiltCon East 2017 Recap

March 14, 2017 in News

Welcome back to the National Quilting Month celebration here on Totally Stitchin'! Today, I am recapping some exciting details from QuiltCon East 2017. This year, QuiltCon East was held at the Savannah International Trade Convention Center in the beautiful southern city of Savannah, Georgia. Attendees from around the world filled the center each day to learn more about their beloved craft. ...

by Erika

Let’s Celebrate National Quilting Month

March 6, 2017 in News

Happy National Quilting Month! Who better to kick off this fun month, than Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company! If you are not familiar with Jenny and her awesome video tutorials, then you better subscribe to her YouTube channel for tons of quilting fun! In 2008, the Doan children began a start up business, The Missouri Star Quilt Company, and ...

by Tori

Baby Lock Quilting Bloggers & Sewlebrities: Part 3

March 28, 2016 in News

You've met the Baby Lock quilting sewlebrities, you've met the Baby Lock quilting bloggers, and today, we're introducing you to the Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) YouTube group! MSQC publishes the best free quilting tutorial on the web with new tutorial each week. As their YouTube channel grew in popularity, the MSQC e-commerce site, and eventually their multiple brick and mortar shops, ...

by Tori

Baby Lock Quilting Bloggers & Sewlebrities: Part 2

March 21, 2016 in Stitchin Women

Amy Ellis We're back with another round of introductions in honor of National Quilting Month! Today, we're introducing Baby Lock's quilting bloggers, and let's just say, these ladies are uber talented. Seriously, if you are into quilting, especially modern quilting, they need to be on your radar! Let's get started :) Amy Ellis A bit about Amy from her site: "I learned to sew garments ...

by Tori

Baby Lock Quilting Bloggers & Sewlebrities: Part 1

March 14, 2016 in News

Baby Lock Sewlebrity Mary Fons In honor of National Quilting Month, we are excited to share a little bit about all of Baby Lock's quilting bloggers and sewlebrities! If you've been around the quilting world for any amount of time, you'll definitely recognize some of these amazingly talented women! Nancy Zieman The first Sewing With Nancy program aired on cable TV in 1982. Initially, the programs were ...

by Tori

Two-for-One Half-Square Triangle Quilt Block Tutorial

March 10, 2016 in Projects

Two-for-One Half-Square Triangle Quilt Block Tutorial Happy National Quilting Month! Whether you're new to quilting or on the more advanced end of things, we are celebrating in a variety of ways, and Baby Lock is too! This month on Totally Stitchin', you'll find free quilt block tutorials from some of your favorite bloggers, and we'll also be introducing you to all of Baby Lock's quilting bloggers and ...

by Tori

Meet Pat Sloan, the “Voice of Quilting”

April 2, 2015 in Stitchin Women

Totally Stitchin': Meet Pat Sloan, the "Voice of Quilting" After years of sewing and quilting for fun, Pat Sloan decided to trade in her office job for one in the quilting world. She now stays busy running her own business as a quilt author, instructor, fabric designer, and podcast host as “The Voice of Quilting™”. After years of quilting with various machines, she has fallen in love with the ...
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