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How to Make Pleated Ribbon

May 16, 2012 in General

I've seen this cute ribbon trim at the store, but never thought to sew it on my own...check this awesome tutorial out from Threads Magazine: How to Make a Lovely Pleated Ribbon Picture from www.threadsmagazine.com.   On a similar note, has anyone ever tried the pleating foot and what did you use it for? It looks awesome!

by Stacey

A Backpack Transformation

August 19, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

Just in time for the first day of school..... The new school year started for us and I couldn’t find a backpack I liked for my daughter.  So when I can’t find something; I make it!  I was able to find a plain canvas backpack from eco gear and a quick stop at that craft store for a few D-rings, snap ...

Ruffler foot

February 28, 2010 in Tips & Tricks

I have been working on baby blankets and recently found a time saver.  I used to pin pleats on the satin ribbon and then sew on the minky fabric.  After a few blankets and  a lot of time, I purchased a ruffler foot.   You can actually ruffle satin onto the fabric at the same time.  I wish I had gotten a ruffler foot a little ...

by debbie

No-Sew Mardi Gras Mask

January 27, 2010 in Projects

Head to the parade and jump on the float!  With this mask you are more than ready for Mardi Gras! Download project Download pattern

by debbie

Gnome Costume

October 9, 2009 in Projects

Being a busy, working mom of two small kids, I love to use clothes that my kids already have and some other materials from around the house to make their Halloween costumes.  That's what my parents did when I was young, and that's what I do.  I made this costume with that in mind. Gnome costume in action! ...

by Kendra

Ribbon Woobie Baby Blanket

June 2, 2009 in General, Projects

Surprise the future babies among your family and friends with a soft, engaging blanket that will be their favorite companion! Download now

by Kelly

Ribbon-Accent Towels

September 9, 2008 in Projects

Download Project Add a special touch of whimsy to everyday towels by embellishing them with your favorite ribbons. These towels are easy to make and liven up any bathroom.

by Kelly

Ribbon-Accent Shower Curtain

September 9, 2008 in Projects

Download Project Coordinate your ribbon-accent towels with the rest of your bathroom by creating this shower curtain. It will to bring new life to your once-plain bathroom.
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