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by Kate

Bow Shoe Wraps by See Kate Sew

January 8, 2014 in Projects

Make these simple and adorable bow shoe wraps to wrap up your boots this winter! You can even wrap your high top sneakers in them. I love these because they can totally dress up a boring pair of shoes or just add an extra dimension to your outfit. Plus, they add a layer of warmth. When I wear them I ...

by Tori

DIY Tablet Cover

December 17, 2013 in Projects

Create a stylish tablet cover using this fun and easy tutorial from Kris Thurgood of My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe! Whether you have one already or Santa puts a tablet under your tree, this case is just too cute not to accompany it. Plus, this would make a great gift to give to a tablet owner, too! Before you get started, take ...

by Elise

Toddler Leg Warmers

July 17, 2013 in Projects

One of my girlfriends introduced me to the toddler leg warmers. They are fantastic. You can match them to any outfit and they look oh so adorable! Only problem is I love to make them and my son has never been a fan. So thank goodness for nieces (and baby H. on the way!). They are simple and so cheap. ...

by Elise

Super Hero Cape

July 2, 2013 in Projects

For my nephew's 5th birthday, he had a costume/pool party. I had to come up with a costume that wasn't too hot and still worked with my son's swimsuit.  I decided to make him a super hero cape! I did it the morning of the party and it was so simple. I threw it together in no time. Super hero capes are so easy ...

Because When You Sew…You Can!

May 21, 2013 in News

What better to do on the last day of maternity "leave" than sew? I received a nursing pillow at a baby shower and wanted to make an additional cover for it (because when you can!) and just happened to have a yard of Superman fabric and thought that would make a one-of-a-kind cover! I just whipped up my own pattern, ...

by Elise

Simple Fabric Headbands

April 12, 2013 in Projects

Nothing is easier than making simple fabric headbands. I really think that all beginners should start with projects like this. As long as you can measure around your head, then you can do this. Plus they are super cute! Here's how... SUPPLIES headband template-I just make one up and draw it out scraps of fabric 5" of elastic (the width is a personal preference- ...

by Elise

Ribbon Headband Holder

March 25, 2013 in Projects

My niece is just getting to the bow and headband stage. I wanted to make her a little something for her Easter present but needed something quick and simple...I had a nap to make it. What better than a ribbon headband holder! I have made these before for my friend's kids but had used a hot glue gun. It is ...

by Kelly

Football Table Runner

February 3, 2013 in Projects

Kick off the big game day party by decorating your snack table with a football theme table runner. The center of the runner is designed to look like a football field and is completed by two giant footballs on each end Click here to download project instructions. 

by Kelly

Make a Door Draft Stopper

January 3, 2013 in Projects

Keep out ‘old man winter this year by making a functional and attractive draft stopper. This draft stopper is double sided and can be made to fit a window or door. Download Door Drafter Instructions

by Kelly

Lace Vest

December 20, 2012 in Projects

Are there fabrics you avoid because you think they are too difficult? In this lace vest project you will learn some new techniques and see why using a Baby Lock serger makes every project easier. Download Project
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