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by Kendra

Hemming Pants Crease?

May 21, 2009 in General, Tips & Tricks

Have you had trouble removing the crease from a hem that you have just let down? Try spraying the crease with an equal mix of white vinegar and water, then press the crease with a pressing cloth. It that doesn't work, try using the vinegar straight.  But, before using, test it on a discrete part of the garment first to ensure ...

by Kelly

Spool Caps

May 7, 2009 in General, Tips & Tricks

A spool cap is designed to keep the thread spool on the machine as you sew.  But if you have ever had your thread catch on the spool cap it can be quite frustrating. To keep your thread from catching on the spool cap and breaking, match the size of the spool cap with the size of the thread spool. ...

by Kendra

Bias Tape Maker

April 28, 2009 in General, Tips & Tricks

Its no secret that I'm not a fan of bias binding. Between burning myself with the iron while pressing and pricking my fingers while pinning, its safe to same that I strongly dislike bias binding. Previously I posted a blog in reference to a few helpful websites about bias binding. These websites were great at teaching me how to cut the ...

About to commit sewdultery?

April 27, 2009 in General

There must be someone like me out there. As soon as I get stuck on a project, I want to give up and start a new one. I'm in the middle of making a tunic (started, ahem, in the fall) and have gotten stuck in a tricky part of the project. Seriously, this is no excuse since I work with super ...
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