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by Stacey

Garage Sale Fabrics

March 20, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

[caption id="attachment_6251" align="alignright" width="344" caption="Photo courtesy of"][/caption] It is that time of year again, time to go dig through the discarded treasured of others. It is Garage/Yard Sale time. I love a good find and a great bargain, but I have never been one for getting up early, so every year I say I am going to go shopping and ...

by Stacey

Vintage Linens and Holiday Traditions

November 11, 2010 in General

November always makes me think about family traditions.  I have a very young family and we are still forming our traditions, but one tradition that will never change is using my Great Grandmothers linens.  Vintage linens are one tradition that can be passed down through the generations and can be mixed and matched with old and new linens to make ...
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