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How to Shorten a Zipper!

January 8, 2016 in Tips & Tricks

Ever accidentally purchased a zipper that was ridiculously long for the sewing project you are working on? Or perhaps, you just happen to have the same color zipper that you need on-hand, but, it's just too long! Just shorten that zipper! How, you ask? It's very simple, actually! We just need to create a new stopper so that the zipper doesn't separate ...

The Dahlia Pillow Tutorial

January 28, 2014 in Projects

Totally Stitchin': The Dahlia Pillow Tutorial It's finally here, the how-to-make-this-pillow tutorial! For this pillow, you'll need: - A 16" x 16" square cut fabric for the pillow front (I made a 15" x 15" finished, if you do a larger or smaller pillow, just add an inch to the width and length to cut your fabric measurements) - For a Centered ZipperĀ (follow link to tutorial), you'll need ...

by Kendra


May 8, 2010 in Glossary

Fastener consisting of two rows of metal, plastic, or nylon teeth on strips of twill tao and a slide that draws the teeth together to close an opening.
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