Taking in a Beaded Garment

July 9, 2014 in Tips & Tricks

This tip for taking in a beaded garment rocks! You’ll want to pin it for later 🙂

Totally Stitchin': Taking in a Beaded Garment

Beading is so pretty, but, if you sew a lot, you know that when it comes to taking something in that is beaded, it can be a pain! You typically have to remove the beads where you’ll be taking in, breaking the strand of thread that all the other beads are connected to, just to re-bead to replace beads that would have been in the way of your sewing machine foot when taking said seam in. But, not just that, you have to make sure that the rest of the beads are secure where you broke the thread to remove the beads in the way! So, as I was about to do all of this with my sister’s prom dress last year (in a time crunch), I was thinking about how you sew fabrics with sequins, instead of cutting the thread and removing the sequins which can potentially, if the right thread is snagged/pulled, cause strands of sequins to fall off, you cut the sequins in half and off without clipping the thread. What if I took pliers to these beads? Now, if the beads are too big, it doesn’t work, but, if they are small like the ones below, it works beautifully!! You just bust, or break, the beads off of the thread without ever clipping your thread! Scroll down to see a couple pictures.

Totally Stitchin': Taking in a Beaded Garment

And, if you are taking in a seam, you need to bust more beads than your seam so the fabric can clear the sewing machine foot, beadless. But, you’ll want to make sure you have some additional beads to fill in any areas after taking in. The bonus with busting beads is you don’t break your thread, thus losing additional beads…you only have to fill in areas needed…and in some cases, you don’t have to re-bead at all! I will say, it is a messy, messy task and can be sharp. So, glasses are a good idea (can’t tell you how many shot at my face) and then, vacuum very well (like, all over) and several times. For me, however, it’s worth it…such a time saver!!!!

Totally Stitchin': Taking in a Beaded Garment

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