Thanksgiving Apron Idea: Remember to Flip your Turkeys!

November 7, 2011 in Projects


Last year I came up with this genius idea to make 23 aprons one week before Christmas for my coworkers to wear when they made holiday cookies (last year I could not make the meeting and I wanted to feel like I took part in the festivities) …Bad Idea!

The one thing that I didn’t do before telling everyone of the idea was go and look for the fabric. When I went with my coupon to the fabric store to get my 40% off a “one cut” item they didn’t have enough of one pattern to make the amount of aprons that I needed so I ended up using several patterns and they turned out great!
I the meantime, I found a great Thanksgiving fabric and I decided to make the same apron for the family member that would be hosting Thanksgiving this year.  I got the fabric out and was so excited because it was so cute and I got such a good deal and I could embroider it with my fabulous Sofia machine that I just cut the pattern and sewed it all together…
When I was finished I called my fiancé into the room (like I do when I’m finished with anything) and he said it looked great then there was a BUT… When I heard that I knew there was a problem, it turned out the turkeys were upside down…I was bummed at first but my aunt that I was giving it to has a great sense of humor and when she tried it on and lifted the bottom to look at it started to laugh saying that she was going to feel guilty knowing that they were going to watching her cook the Thanksgiving meal….
The pattern that I used was a simplicity but any apron pattern will create a great gift for the holidays, don’t forget to embroider their name on it for a personal touch.

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