That darn pattern…

July 14, 2009 in General

I recently made the cutest little purse out of some cute little Mizzou (where I am sending my daughter off to college)fabric.¬† It didn’t go together as easily as I had hoped.¬†¬†Let me share with you a couple of things I have learned during this project that may be helpful.

1.  Read the pattern instructions before beginning.  I like to read the instructions several times to get a good visual of how everything will fit together.

2.¬† If the pattern is printed on paper like you would run through your mizzou-purse1printer, take the time to copy it onto some thinner paper.¬† Tissue paper works pretty good and it’s much easier to pin to your fabric.

3.¬† Don’t be afraid to improvise.¬† When you get to a point where things don’t seem to be going together as they should, it can sometimes be easier to alter things slightly instead of using the dreaded seam ripper.

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