The Easy Way To Add Bling

November 4, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

I am sure I am not alone, at least I hope I am not alone.  I have a newly 5 year old daughter and it if shimmers, glimmers, or sparkles it is a must for her wardrobe.  I can’t get through a quick shopping trip anywhere without an argument.  If it sparkles, she will find it, and can’t leave without it, but when the price is higher then what I am willing to pay, I have to find an alternative.  I wonder if the store thinks that if they blind us with shine, maybe we won’t be able to read the price tag.

I really enjoy using my Baby Lock Ellageo Plus to applique t-shirts for my kids.  I had been wanting to try to add some bling into my appliques and  found that using the sequin dot fabric that I can find at my local fabric store as well as my local craft store works great.

I love the bright colors against black, but the fabric is so transparent the black was causing the color to be muted.  Adding a  fusible tricot knit interfacing to the back of the  sequin fabric, making sure to match the stretch direction, solved this issue.  I have also tried both sharp and ballpoint needles, but haven’t noticed much of a difference within the embroidery, so I just match the needle to my base fabric.  I also use a spray adhesive on the back of the sequin fabric for extra hold before embroidering.

I have appliqued a few different t-shirts and have not had any problems using this technique and have not had any troubles with washing the items.  Hand washing and air drying is the preferred method for the sequined fabric, but who has time to wash kids shirts by hand.  I wash mine inside out on either cold or warm gentle cycle and dry using low heat.  We have only lost sequins to a sticker or two placed directly on them and from a few ruff and tumble play dates.

I think it is about time I make my own shirt, that sparkly stuff always makes me smile too!  I hope you try using this great sequined fabric, it also sews very well and is quite easy to work with.  I think a belt or a bodice made out of it would add just the right about of sparkle for the upcoming holiday party season.

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  1. Adorable!!!!!!

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