The First Sewing Project

June 2, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

Do you remember your first sewing project?  Mine was a little doll kit that came with my first sewing machine.  I think I was in the first grade.  That year for Christmas I received a Mattel Sew Perfect sewing machine, it was one of the best presents Santa ever brought.

Mattel Sew Perfect Sewing Machine

This weekend while I was working in my sewing studio, my four year old daughter came in and informed me that she wanted a sewing machine.  She said that I could have the Baby Lock I was using, but the one next to me was hers, and she wanted to know where her chair was.  It was one of those Mom moments, where they have finally taken a real interest in what you enjoy.  She has pressed the foot petal for me before, but never really wanted to make something.  She usually spends most of her time taking all my thread out of my Madeira thread chest and creating castles made out of spools of thread adorned with buttons.

So the lesson began.  We talked about a couple different parts of the machine, the foot, tread, bobbin, and most important the needle and how you should never get your fingers close.  Along with a little more safety, like how she is never ever to touch Mommy’s sewing machine without me there next to her.

We began by picking out a couple pieces of fabric from my scrap box and then how to sew a straight seam with right sides together.  Then on to the fun stuff, I showed her how to pick out different decorative stitches, start and stop the machine with the push button, lift the foot, and cut the thread.  Those were her jobs, she helped guide the fabric, but I must have really scared her with the safety talk, because she was so scared to get too close to the needle, she never got within 4 or 5 inches.

So we finished up our sewing and she told me she wanted to make something for her doll.  I had been playing with the Baby Lock ruffling foot and had quite a bit of different types of gathered fabric strips lying around.  She picked out some ruffled pink tulle, and a decorative star chain stitch.  I helped guide the fabric, while she pushed all the right buttons, then switched over to a straight stitch and with right sides together we made our seam.  She was so very proud of her little dress she made, she leaped up and ran to find her Father, yelling, “Look Daddy, I made a dress, just like Mommy”.  As I followed behind her, I could not help but smile, for I was one proud Momma.

Look What I Can Do!

Look What I Can Do!

I think she will be getting her own sewing machine for Christmas this year, I don’t think I am ready to share my Baby Locks.  I would love to know what was your first project or machine, and if you have been able to help someone special learn this great skill.  Let us know!

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  1. I remember as a little girl learning how to use a needle and a thread with cross stitch projects but no one in my family liked to sew, so that was all I could do to keep myself happy. In fifth grade I met a neighbor who sewed clothes from old jeans and she really gave me the basic know how. Now I am grown, with a daughter of my own and she is 7 years old playing with her own barbie sized dressed form asking me if I can send her to sewing camp. September is her 8th birthday and she will be getting her first machine, now if i could figure out where to start teaching her. I do think I will be keeping a diary of this adventure for us to look back on and laugh when she teaches her daughter the basics. Lol

    Thanks for the great story!

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