The Oldest Embroidery Studio in Paris

September 13, 2011 in News

This is a great article from NPR on a 130-year-old hand embroidery business, Maison Lesage, still thriving in Paris through custom work for Karl Lagerfeld and his fashion house, Chanel. The pictures alone are amazing, but the article describes the white-coated “petites mains(little hands),” as the French call them, as almost surgeon-like with precision in a “museum of embroidery;” hand sewing¬†hundreds of nearly invisible stitches on the thinnest of fabric for the most¬†prestigious¬†clients.

How do they have the patience? How do they have the concentration? How do they have the STREEEEENGTH??? Okay, now that my brain has exploded- read the article, it is really amazing.

Click here to read the article

Photo courtesy of NPR, Olivier Saillant/Maison Lesage


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