The Perfect Sewing Table

April 20, 2010 in Find It / Buy It

Do you ever have more than one project going at one time?¬† Maybe you want to sew and embroider at the same time.¬† So where are you going to lay your material and hoop?¬† This happens to me all the time and my folding table¬†with 2 machines setting on top is just not cutting it!¬†¬†¬†So, I recently purchased a new table and it is perfect.¬†¬† It’s¬†theKoala Dualmate Plus IV.¬† It will hold two sewing machines.¬† A perfect fit for my Esante!¬† You can lower one machine if you need a large work space or just take advantage of the leaf that lifts in the back.¬† It has just the right amount of storage and shelving.¬† I would recommend it to anyone!¬† I purchased my from Trish at the Sew Vac in Robinson, IL.¬† She¬†can help find the perfect machine for your indiviual needs.¬† ¬† Happy sewing 🙂

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