The Sewing Summit was Awesome!

October 10, 2011 in News

UPDATE: Congratulations, Shannon Lowe! You are the lucky winner of the Baby Lock Audrey machine!

Thank you to all who commented with such great feedback on the Grace machines. We are happy that we could provide the machines for The Sewing Summit and that you all liked them! We will continue to have great giveaways here and throughout our Baby Lock affiliated sites!


Hi all, so I am really happy that I got to go to The Sewing Summit over the weekend! I mean…… I got to hang out with so many creative, fun, smart, awesome women AND learn amazing things from them AND travel to Salt Lake City, which is a pretty cool cityl!

Baby Lock is super proud to be a part of such a great conference and so, they want to give away a sewing machine that the ladies of The Sewing Summit can enter to win!  No matter where you love to sew, Audrey is the free-spirited friend you’ll want by your side. At just 12.8 lbs., this lightweight machine can easily travel or attend classes with you. This machine is perfect for one lucky Sewing Summit attendee!

To enter: You must have been an attendee of The Sewing Summit 2011. Please just comment below and let us know about your experience at The Sewing Summit or what you thought of the Baby lock Grace machines that were provided for the Baby Lock sewing room!!  Leave your blog link as well so we and everyone else can visit you! We will select a random winner by Friday, October 14th, 2011.

Good luck! Oh, and look forward to at least a couple more posts from me about the Sewing Summit with lots more pics
including Bag Stalking 101 @ the Sewing Summit and Grace under fire @ The Sewing Summit!

One more thing… if you are new to Totally Stitchin’ or have been around a while, you may notice the member profiles look a little under-done. This is because we have just enabled this feature so many have not updated and filled out there profiles, so take some time and create a profile so we can see what you’re all about!

Here are some pictures from the opening reception!

69 responses to The Sewing Summit was Awesome!

  1. Thanks so much for providing the machines–it made a huge difference to be able to put some new ideas to work right away. In terms of stitching with the machines at the Sewing Summit, I hadn’t really experimented with applique before, but I really liked the clean, polished look of the satin stitch on your machine. -Emily from

  2. Sewing Summit was SO much fun!!! I loved working on the machines in the free motion class and improve piecing. It was nice to test drive a different machine! and I liked that the machines had the option to unplug the pedal.

  3. This is such a generous giveaway. Thank you so much for providing the machines for the Summit. I had so much fun sewing during the improv class. Your machines were so smooth; so much better than the one I have now. It was giving me machine envy. The representatives from your company were wonderful too, I’m glad that they were there and were so good about answering questions. – Kathleen from

  4. What a great weekend at The Sewing Summit. I loved the actual sewing classes the most, especially Improv Piecing. The sewing machines were a great addition. Many thanks to BabyLock for providing them and supporting those of us who were novice users!
    Visit my blog at I will soon post on the Summit.

  5. I had such a great time this weekend. And i LOVED the Grace machines. They were so similar to my Brother machine at home, I didn’t have any sort of learning curve and was able to help the ladies sitting next to me figure out what was going on with their machines.

    I already can’t wait until next year!

  6. I had such a great time at the SS! What a fabulous weekend. It was a lot of fun trying out a new machine and I especially enjoyed FMQ without the pedal! That changed my world!
    Thanks for the opportunity to test drive them.

  7. Awesome is just too weak of a word…Sewing Summit was too great for words. BabyLock sponsoring was epic – Almost all weekend, I got to use a Grace just like at home! I got to try the Sashiko (LOVE!!!!) and got such great support and encouragement from the BabyLock people. I travel for work constantly and would be beside myself if I could take a portable travel machine with me — seriously beside myself! It was so great to meet you!

  8. Thanks so much for giving away this lovely machine! I had an awesome time at the Summit and it was a dream come true finally getting to meet all my friends in person!!!

  9. So I had a couple classes with the sewing machines and I really did love using one that’s computerized because it’s just easier!!! Push a button and start sewing!! Thanks for filling up the classes with great machines. It was a treat to sew at night and hang out with girls.

    Loved it!

  10. Sewing Summit was fantastic, and a large part of that was due to the Grace Machines that were readily available for us to sew on. I have never used a Babylock sewing machine before and I would have to say that I was very impressed. They were so easy to use and have a nice variety of specialty stitches. Considering buying one soon! Thanks for sharing them with all of us, I know it was a lot of work!

  11. What a fun weekend! I loved it. Having the sewing room available was fabulous as well. Thanks so much to everyone’s hard work. I can’t wait until next year!

    Kati (

  12. I LOVED the Babylock machine at Sewing Summit. My favorite part was the presser foot and the perfect quarter-inch seam allowance for quilters (stitch 15). Running a very close second was the amazing quiet of these machines. Each machine was so quiet and a room full of 50 of them was even quiet! I am looking forward to visiting my local dealer to demo the Symphony.

    Thank you for sponsoring the sewing room for us. Having a central place to work on projects made a nice important contribution to the sense of community in this group of sewists.

  13. Thanks so much for sponsoring the event and letting us use your wonderful machines! I don’t think it would have felt like a sewing conference if we didn’t have an opportunity to sew. 😉 I really liked the setting for the perfect quarter inch seam — what a wonderful feature for quilters!

  14. Thank you for sponsoring the sewing room at the Sewing Summit. I really enjoyed using Grace! I would love to win one of my very own! The Sewing Summit was a fabulous weekend and it would not have been so successful without the fabulous sewing room.

  15. The Sewing Summit was fabulous, and the Sewing Room, well, I loved it! I spent a lot of time in there, between the classes and hanging out in the evenings. Thanks to you and the rest of the BabyLock staff for sponsoring such a lovely contribution!

  16. The Sewing Summit was amazing! I think the sewing room was what sewer’s imagine heaven will be like. 🙂 It really helped pull everyone together and I think everyone will agree when I say that we will always remember this awesome experience!

  17. They were great! I used one for the zipper sewing class, and it handled the laminate beautifully! Thanks for being so generous and sharing your machines for our use.

  18. Thanks to Baby lock for the wonderful sewing machines. Who knew that there could be 50 sewing machines in one room being used and yet soooooo quiet!!! Totally awesome!

  19. Love my Baby Lock serger. Once I saw how they threaded, I just couldn’t resist. I appreciate the fact that they supplied machines for The Sewing Summit. What a sight to see so many machines lined up in their special sewing room at the conference. Thank you for being at The Sewing Summit. Thank you also for supplying this site to connect with others in this wonderful endevor of sewing.

  20. The Sewing Summit was so fun! I so appreciate that we had the chance to use the Baby lock machines – it was such a smooth, quiet machine and an absolute joy to work on. That 1/4 inch seam stitch is a life changer! Some of my favorite classes were the ones that were in the sewing room, so that we could apply the techniques we were learning right away. What a great way to learn! It was so nice meeeting you too. Thanks to Baby lock for sponsoring the event in such a meaningful way!

  21. I had such a great time at the Sewing Summit and having the machines there to work on was a dream come true! Thanks so much for helping to make the Sewing Summit a huge success!
    I’m already looking forward to the next one!

  22. Thanks for your generosity, how nice was it to get dedicated sewing time (no kids interrupting etc) surrounded by some of the most talented & creative women around…all while sewing on a machine that purred like a kitten!

  23. Thanks so much for providing the sewing machines for the summit – it made such a difference to have them there!! And since the machine was pretty similar to the one I own, I felt right at home 🙂

  24. Thank you so much for all you did for us at Sewing Summit. I had such a great time and want to do nothing more than sit at the machine all day. Gertie inspired me to learn more about tailoring, I’m glad I spent half my day with her.

  25. I love Baby Lock! I’ve had my Ellegante for 2 years now and it has spoiled me rotten!
    A big thanks to you guys for sponsoring and providing all the fab Grace machines so we could sew our little hearts out. And thanks to Mackenzie for being such a sweet stalker! 🙂 lol

  26. I had a fabulous time at the Sewing Summit, meeting everyone and getting a chance to sew with so many other great quilters! It was great to try out a different machine, so thank you so much for your company’s generosity!

  27. This weekend was absolutely REFRESHING!!! To be around like-minded gals was amazing…I mean, who else would sit and intently listen to you talk about your zipper malfunction issues?
    I met lots of fun gals and really connected with a couple of new friends~ I will be back next year, for sure!

    oh, my blog is,

  28. I am still a little overwhelmed (in a great way) by all the fun I had at The Sewing Summit. I met amazing people, learned so much from the great instructors and had a wonderful time just handing out with like minded creative women. This was my first time using a Babylock machine and I have to say that it was easy to use and did a nice job with my project. Thanks for providing the machines and the chance to win one.


  29. I loved the machines! Especially the start/stop button, made free motion quilting very exciting! My first time using a babylock and I was impressed!

  30. This weekend was just what I needed. I told my husband in a text over the weekend, that I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

    Great ladies attended and I left with so much new information. Melissa–I refashioned a sweater for my daughter. It was so much fun!

    • I hit enter before I was done. I loved the machines. I have never sewn on a babylock before. My sewing lab at school has all Bernina. I have parents of my students at school asking all the time what machine they should buy their daughters. I am going to be referring them to the babylock machine now. It’s affordable, sews a beautiful stitch and is user friendly. I bought the Imagine serger–can’t wait to start using it.

  31. Sewing Summit was so much fun! It was really like one big crafty sleepover. I had a great time meeting new friends & catching up with old friends. I loved how quiet the grace machines were. WOW. practically silent. I also loved that they had a knit stitch – something that I don’t have on my machine at home. It was a real treat to refashion a few knit items on their machines.

  32. Loved the Grace machine so much that one will be arriving at my house in a few days! Had a great time at Sewing Summit!!!
    -amanda w.

  33. I had such a wonderful time at The Sewing Summit! I now feel refreshed and inspired to both sew and blog, which is an amazing feeling! Thank you BabyLock for providing machines for the sewing room, as it was such a treat!!!

    Candice (

  34. Sewing Summit was amazing! Thank you so much for the Grace machines. It was fun to be able to sew with my friends but not have to lug my machine on an airplane. 🙂

    Angie – Stitching by Starlight

  35. It was a fabulous weekend! It was great to have the machines available for use during classes and open sewing time. Thanks to Baby Lock for their generosity and support of this wonderful event!

  36. What a generous giveaway! I had such a wonderful time at The Sewing Summit & spent my nights in the Baby Lock sewing room surrounded by beautiful machines & fabulous sewists. Thanks so much. See you next year! 😀

  37. Many many thanks to Babylock for providing these wonderful machines for us to use! I especially loved using the Grace machine, since I’ve only ever sewn on vintage machines! Grace was so easy to learn to use, and was great for both free motion and regular sewing. What a treat!

  38. I had such a blast this weekend & felt that I learned so much in the process. I loved having a classroom full of Baby Lock sewing machines to work on in our spare time. I was so impressed with the Baby Lock machine I brought one home! If I were to win this machine I’d let my daughter use it so we could sew together. Thanks again for helping to make Sewing Summit complete!

  39. I LOVED the Sewing Summit! I can’t get over how much I learned! Of course one thing that I learned, from using the Baby Lock machines, is that I need a new machine myself. That thing did so much….I want to be able to machine quilt, that was awesome. Thanks for the use of your great sewing machines!

  40. I had so much fun at the Sewing Summit. I am so looking forward to next year!!! And thank you to Baby Lock for the use of the machines. It was wonderful to be able to immediately practice what we had just learned.

  41. I had such a great time at the Sewing Summit! It was so nice to be able to sew without lugging my machine through the airport! Thank you so much for letting us use your machines!

  42. It was so wonderful to look into this large conference room and see tables and tables of gorgeous new sewing machines. It was a super easy machine to sew on, especially for the free motion quilting class. Sooo smooth and easy to use, and the stitching was wonderful. Thanks so much for supplying the machines for our use, so we didn’t have to drag our own machines to The Sewing Summit!!


  43. The Sewing Summit exceeded every expectation I had. Spending time with like minded women who love to sew as much as I do was so encouraging, affirming and . . . well . . . just so dang fun. I spent many hours in the Baby Lock sewing room and even with 50 machines humming away I was able to talk and laugh and carry on like I was at a teen age sleepover. Those machines were nice and quiet!!

  44. It was so nice to spend some time with “Grace” this weekend…..she and I made and entire quilt top together after 2 late nights of stitching! I would LOVE to meet her friend Audrey 😉 I have a VERY basic sewing machine at home and realized after using the Baby Locks at Sewing Summit what I was missing! Thanks again for sponsoring the event, and for this giveaway!

  45. The Summit was fabulous, and the sewing room was a huge factor. It was funny to see so many people gathered in one spot, with handstitchers next to people busily humming away on those Baby Locks! If you weren’t in the room late Saturday night you should have been, it was uproarious.

  46. I just began sewing this year so I was a little nervous going to the Summit, but it was an awesome experience. Now I can’t wait until next year! I was so impressed with the Baby Lock sewing machines. Not just the machines but that a company did something like this so we could all have an awesome weekend together. The Baby Lock staff was helpful and very nice. The machines were very quiet which is nice since there were 50 of them in the room! I am glad that I was able to use them for two of my classes!

  47. So I have 2 other machines, but I really like the Babylock at the Summit! I would have bought the demo in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have 2 at home! Find me at I still have my Sewing Summit post to do, but I still need some recovery time!

  48. The Summit was amazing! and as someone else said, Refreshing! I came back with oodles of inspiration. There were some features of the machines that i loved, like the button for the needle up and down! i have an older non computer machine that I love, but some things like that are awesome! a traveling machine would be great! It would also be great for my daughter to learn on! Thanks for all of your help to make last weekend possible!

  49. Thank you so much for supplying the Grace machines for the sewing room at the Sewing Summit! They were great to use during classes as well as the open wesing time. I have a Baby Lock and love it so I felt right at home with the machines. I loved the pedal free option and used it when I was learning to free motion quilt. Thanks again for sponsoring the sewing room!

  50. I had an amazing time at the Sewing Summit! It was absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to do it all again! It was so fun to meet so many blogging and sewing friends.

    Thank you for supplying the machines for the sewing room. That was a wonderful resource to have. I sew on a Baby Lock at home (Baby Lock Decorator’s Choice), so the Grace machines had some similarities to mine and I felt right at home. Love that FMQ pedal-free option, and I never even knew about it before this!!

  51. It was nice to meet you at the sewing summit last weekend. Thanks to Babylock for providing the machines for our classes and our late night sewing!

  52. Sewing Summit was a fantastic weekend!! And what a delight to have the sewing room and Grace machines available to us! I was able to cut out and piece together a little baby quilt while hanging out with all my new friends 🙂

  53. Even though it can be challenging jumping onto a new machine it was so great to have them there. Every time I needed help you guys were there and so kind!! Thank you Baby Lock for being such great sponsors!!!

  54. I am so excited to have the opportunity to win an Audrey Sewing Machine. Baby Lock was a fantastic sponsor at the Sewing Summit and I loved sewing on the machines they provided. I even did some free motion quilting and the Grace machine made it very easy and enjoyable. Thanks!

  55. I had an amazing time at the Sewing Summit. I found the hands on classes the most valuable, thanks for sponsoring such a great sewing room and for your help managing it. I know you helped me at least 3 times 🙂

  56. Wow, this is such a fantastic giveaway. Thanks so much for being at the sewing summit and being awesome sponsors!

  57. Using a different machine made me realize how dependent you are on your machine! I loved how smooth and quiet the machines work. Thanks so much for providing us with machines. I would love to win a new machine.

  58. I am very new to sewing and still had a blast at the summit! Everyone was so kind and willing to jump in and help me….often :). I especially loved the grace machines, so much so, that I stayed sewing till 1am each night!! Thanks to everyone for their tips and tricks and to baby loc for generously providing their fabulous machines!

  59. Woohoo! I really enjoyed using the babylock machines at the Summit. I’m all for learning to use different machines since I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing a new one within the next year or two. I’ve put so many hours on my cheap little singer… I’m not sure how much more she can handle! I especially liked that there were several people who knew the babylocks very well – there to help us out. I learned to hem pants using the blind hem stitch (at midnight) at the Summit!!

  60. I really had a super weekend. I’m SO glad that Baby Lock came to the Summit too! I had 2 classes in here and was able to really enjoy sewing on the machines. I had a class where we made zipper pouches, then a class where we did applique. I got experience using all kinds of different stitches AND switching the feet out. Wow, I can’t believe how EASY it was to switch feet! The machines were just so nice to use once I figured them out~ they are very different from my old machine! I wish I’d known they’d be on special after the show so I could have budgeted accordingly! It was fun too, b/c I love Martha Pullen and Fons & Porter, so I had heard of your company but never seen one in person or used one! I would love a new sewing machine 🙂

  61. I loved the classes and shop hop. I had so much inspiration thrown my way that I am not sure where I should start!! I loved the Baby Locks machines. The ability to drop the feed dogs is awesome. I have to put a plate over mine. Thanks again for the fun!!

  62. Thank you Thank you! The machines, the “gifty” bags, the help in the sewing room…All of the support and time that Baby Lock put in was wonderful! not to mention taking a weekend from your normal life…Thanks so much. The machines were great, handy, and felt like they could “stand UP” to a heavy piece of fabric..Thanks again!

  63. It was so nice of you to sponsor the Sewing Summit – your machines were a hit, and were used until 1:00 am both nights. Currently I’m using a 30+ year old Riccar machine that is held together with gum and a prayer, but I’m looking forward to getting a new machine before the end of the year. It seems I can’t get enough of quilting! Thanks again for sponsoring Erin and Amy, and hope to see you again next year.

  64. So glad that we had machines for the summit it made all the difference! Don’t know how we would have been able to do some of the classes without them.

  65. Great fun! What a great opportunity to get to try out your machines! They are worth saving for!

  66. Congratulations, Shannon Lowe! You are the lucky winner of the Baby Lock Audrey machine!

    Thank you to all who commented with such great feedback on the Grace machines. We are happy that we could provide the machines for The Sewing Summit and that you all liked them! We will continue to have great giveaways here and throughout our Baby Lock affiliated sites!

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