Time To Shorten Your Pants

March 31, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

It is spring here in the mid-west, which means it is time to put away those blah winter clothes and pull out the spring wardrobe. Capri pants are always welcomed in my closet and when a pair of kaki pants have seen better days, that is when I like to give them a makeover.

Follow these simple steps, and in less than 30 minutes you can also have a great new pair of capris for spring.
1.Mark one leg where you would like the finished hem to lay.
2.Measure the length from the bottom of the original hem to the new hem.
3.Fold each pant leg under the measured amount and press.
4.Cut one inch below the pressed edge (this will become the hem).
5.Finish the cut edge by using a serger or a zig-zag stitch.
6.Pin your choice of trim 1/4 of an inch from the bottom pressed fold.
7.Stitch the trim onto each pant leg, overlapping the ends at the inside seam, seal the ends of your trim to prevent fraying. If you have enough trim left over, try using it as a belt. Make a big floppy bow and set it off centered, paired with a cute tee.
8.Wear them proudly and show off a little leg. I think we could all use a little more Vitamin D after this long winter.

2 responses to Time To Shorten Your Pants

  1. Love the ribbon idea!

  2. Too Cute I am going to try this ASAP!

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