To Clip or to Pink your Curves?

November 7, 2011 in Tips & Tricks


I don’t know about you, but, I got tired of clipping my curves when I first learned that curves must be clipped, cutting tiny triangles from the seam allowance about a half inch apart along the entire curve to eliminate bulk and allow it to lay correctly. Although, it doesn’t take too terribly long, it takes longer than I would like, and it’s somewhat messy (which, with crafting/sewing, is hard to avoid, but little tips to keep somewhat cleaner help)! One day, I was making a bib with my Baby Lock sewing machine and it all of a sudden occurred to me that pinking sheers have small triangle edges and came up with the bright idea to pink my curves rather than clip individual triangles out! And, I think it worked just fine (as shown below)!! Clip close enough to your stitchline to allow it to lay correctly when turned inside out and still yet leave a small seam allowance (as shown above). Instead of cleaning up little triangles, I had a strip to throw away! This worked really well for me and the projects that I have used it on thus far, but, it may not work on all projects.



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