Travel Handmade: By the Sewing Summit

August 25, 2011 in Projects

In preparation for The Sewing Summit blogging conference taking place October 7-9th in Salt Lake City (Are you going??), The Sewing Summit rounded up a¬†plethora¬†of patterns, tutorials, reviews and tips for making all kinds of wonderful ¬†duffles, carry-on and cosmetics bags. We were drooling at the pictures alone! So, if you are traveling anywhere soon, like to The Sewing Summit, a tropical vacation, or even to the laundry mat (hey, baskets are boring!) you should check it out, make ten a couple¬†stylish bags for your next trip and¬†practice¬†saying, “Thanks, I made it!”

Drooling yet? Yep, we were too!

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