Tribeca Arts Project

April 21, 2009 in General

As well as spending a week in Huntsville, AL¬†helping with the Martha Pullen Kid’s School, I will also be spending five weeks in New York City sewing.

For the past two months I have been raising support money to travel to NYC with Campus Crusade which is a christian organization on Kent State University’s campus that I attend regularly.¬†The project that¬†I¬†will be¬†attending is called Tribeca and consists of many students around the country that have a passion for art.¬†

In NYC we will spend the five weeks working on projects for a final art show. Wewill travel around NYC and do evangelism to people in the inner city to speak about my faith. Each student has a different focus, mine being fashion design and we are encouraged to use the art we feel most comfortable with. The garments that I make will be on display and people will be invited to come and see them in hopes that they will stir something inside of them and allow us students to strike up a conversation about their faith.

I hope from my artistic ability I will be able to bridge the gap between artists and their faith. I am leaving June 9th and will be blogging along the way this summer. I will keep you updated on my progress and post pictures of the garments I create as well!

2 responses to Tribeca Arts Project

  1. Wow, I live in Alabama and wish I knew you were trying to raise money for your trip. I love Martha Pullen and have been a fan and subscriber to SB for years. I even had a comment published back in 97. Would love to read your blog! Believe me, creativity does bridge the gap! Remember God was creative, He created alot in just 7 days! Blessings to you on your endeavor.

  2. Thank You! I am done raising support but I know several girls who are still raising money to go also. If you would like to be a supporter for them I can put you in contact with one of them. This is such a great opportunity, I can not wait to see what God has in store for me this summer. I am a HUGE fan of Sew Beautiful and Martha Pullen as well, Thank you for commenting!

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