Tutu Cute Tutorial!

August 27, 2012 in Projects



Ever wonder how to make one of these tulle tutus? They’re really easy to make! You’ll need, rolls of 6″ wide tulle (I’ve bought these at Hobby Lobby; it’s easier to cut strips from a roll of the exact width. How many rolls depends on how many colors you use…I used 5 colors (orange, pink, green, blue, and yellow)), and 5/8″ elastic. Measure the child’s waist below the belly and from below the belly to the knee for length (or how long you want the tutu to be). First, take the waist measurement and cut your elastic about a half inch to an inch shorter. Butt the 2 ends up to each other and zig-zag stitch with your Baby Lock sewing machine over the two ends really well as shown below…


Zig-zagged seam shown below…

Now, cut your tulle strips. You’ll take the length measurement, double it and add an inch. Mine was for a one year old, so, my strips were cut at 15″. Because I was using 5 colors and a little 1 year old waist, I only had to cut 45 strips (9 of each color), which worked perfectly. You may need more or less depending on waist size and also how many of each color will vary with how many colors you are using. Then, you will tie the strips on in order as demonstrated below…

Make sure both ends are even when tying! (And just an idea, to assist with tying, perhaps place the elastic around a cylindrical package like a shortening tub to stabilize it as you tie).



Continue until the elastic is covered (make sure not to stretch the elastic too much, the knots should sit nicely next to each other to where the elastic doesn’t show when slightly stretched).

Then, embroider a cute blouse or onesie to go with it with your Baby Lock Embroidery machine! Use MonogramWorks to combine your designs!


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