Underwear is Expensive…Sew it!

March 4, 2012 in Projects, Tips & Tricks

Upon repairing some clothes this weekend, (that have been awaiting mending for a year now) I was pondering a swim cover dress that I just love, however, I’m not sure how much longer the fabric around the seams is going to hold up…sadly! The rest of the fabric is in great condition. So, as I was questioning what I could do with the fabric, I thought, I’m sure it’s not tough to make a pair of underwear. I have so many jersey stretch items every year that bite the dust, yet, have use-able fabric that could easily be turned into undies, rather than just throwing it away. So, I turned to the computer to search where I might be able to find elastic that would work for this project and how much it would be, when I stumbled upon this interesting, detailed, and AWESOME tutorial! She shows in great detail how to make a pattern from an old pair and then shows step by step how to sew (with your Baby Lock Sewing Machine) a new pair for yourself! After you make one pattern, you’ll have your fit for whenever you’d like to whip a couple new pair up! It looks so easy; I’m gonna try it…soon! 😀 I may just buy some fabric too; we’ll see! 😉

Picture and tutorial linked from this website.

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