Upcycled Baby Sleep Sack to T-shirt

March 12, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

I was looking through our bins of hand-me-down baby clothes for any festive shirt/outifit for St. Patrick’s Day for my 6-month daughter.  I came across an adorable sleep sack with shamrock edging and embroidery.  However, my not-so-petite baby girl’s chubby legs were not going to fit into that elastic. 🙂

Rather than put it back in the bin and go out and buy something new, I decided to turn it into a t-shirt.


Such cute detail









It was really simple. Here is the beginning infant sleep sack











I cut the elastic off the bottom, which left a raw edge.










I used an overcast stitch on my Ellure Plus to finish the bottom of it.  I was going to hem it, but decided since it is a “girly” shirt, the finished edge looked pretty cute.  So glad to have a last minute outfit for her to wear to the St. Pat’s Day party and I didn’t spend any money on it! 🙂






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