How to Use the Serger Elastic Foot

March 27, 2015 in Tips & Tricks

The Elastic foot accessory that you can get for your Baby Lock serger is…wait for it…AWESOME! Seriously, it makes applying elastic so easy! Why? It does all of the elastic pulling for you and it’s so smooth and pretty when done correctly! So, I’m going to show you how to use it! I used the elastic foot on the Baby Lock Ovation to write this tutorial, but, you could follow along with this tutorial to get the gist of how to use this genius-of-an-attachment on any of the Baby Lock sergers. If you are using another machine, also refer to the manual that comes with your foot! For links to Baby Lock Sergers and their specific Serger Elastic Accessory Foot, read through to the bottom!

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For this how-to, I used a 1″ soft, braided elastic, but, you can use 1″ or smaller (or other types of elastic)! Thread your machine with a 4-thread overcasting stitch (with stitch length at 4 and I used the widest stitch width of 7.5, differential feet at .5; refer to your foot manual, as well). It is a great idea to always run a practice test before sewing to your actual garment/project.

Before you place your foot in the machine, loosen the small screw that holds the elastic guide in place and that knob/screw on top (your tension screw). Insert your elastic. Tighten the guide in place for the elastic you are using. Then, adjust the tension you’d like. For the 1″ elastic, I really liked full tension (gives your fabric more elasticity)! It was perfect for an exposed elastic waistband that I applied to a little petticoat skirt that I made for my daughter.


Here is what it looks like from underneath the foot.


Now, you can place the foot in your machine. Serge for a short inch or so to make sure it’s feeding correctly. Then, place your fabric underneath the foot.


Serge along the edge with a slow pace, cutting some or none off. Again, the foot does all of the pulling for you, so, you don’t have to…it’s pretty fun! πŸ™‚


Here is the elastic after it was serged on…


For what I was making, the elastic folded up to make an exposed elastic waistband (which is great for circle and gathered elastic skirts…and, also, why I used a soft elastic)! But, you could apply smaller elastic in the same manner to, for instance, leg and arm holes on swimwear and dance wear!


Here is a list of Baby Lock Serger Elastic Feet and their Compatible Machines:

For the Baby Lock Ovation and Evolution, here is the Elastic Foot that is compatible with your machine.

If you are a Baby Lock Enlighten, Imagine, Exlipse DX or SX serger owner, here is the Elastic Foot for your machine.

If you own a Baby Lock Diana, here is the Elastic Foot for your your serger.

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And, if you have the Baby Lock Lauren, here is the link to your Elastic Serger Foot!

Have you lost your foot manual? Did you know if you go to your specific serger foot Β on the website (links listed above), you can find the manual for each foot! πŸ™‚

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