Valentine Baby/Toddler Skirt Tutorial

January 20, 2013 in Projects

This skirt is so easy to make and perfect for a holiday!




Baby Lock Serger and/or Sewing Machine


1/3 yd. – 1/2 yd. holiday (or cute) fabric

1/3 yd. – 1/2 yd. lining fabric

About 36″ to 44″ of lace or eyelet lace

3/4″ elastic (about as much as your child’s waist measurement)


First, you’ll want to measure around your baby’s hips, just below the belly. Then, measure from the top of the hip bone (where a waistband would typically sit) to just above the knee (or desired skirt length).

You’ll want to double the waist measurement (or add a little more) and add an inch to the skirt length measurement. This will determine how much fabric you’ll need to get. My daughter’s waist is 17 and length is 8, so, I cut mine at 40″ x 9″ (I added a little more in the waist to have more gathered). Cut your lining the same. Cut your lace the same as your long edge (for instance, I cut mine at 40″).



Take your lining rectangle and stitch your lace to the lining along one long edge (the lower edge). You can either topstitch the lace to the lower edge (if you do this, finish the hem with the serger or sewing machine before you sew the lace on) or put pretty sides together and stitch a seam, then, serge that seam and iron up (I then, topstitched the seam up as shown below).



Now, fold the lining in half with pretty sides together and stitch a seam (finish your seam). So, now, you’ll have a circle of fabric with lace along the lower edge. Next, I serged a rolled hem along the lower edge of my holiday fabric (if you don’t have a serger, finish the lower edge…a coordinating bias tape would be really cute…like, I did red thread for my rolled hem). Then, place pretty sides together and stitch a seam and finish it.

Next, place the upper edges of the lining and outer fabric together and pin. Serge (or stitch and finish) the entire top edge together. At this point, make sure that enough of the lace on the lining that is desired is showing (take the pretty fabric up to desired length).




Turn the skirt inside out, draw a line 2″ down and fold the entire top edge down to that mark and iron. Stitch close to the edge, creating an elastic casing, around the top edge leaving about 2″ open to insert the elastic.




Cut your elastic the length of your child’s waist (or literally place the elastic around your child’s waist and measure how much will be needed to be snug (not tight)). Place a pin on one end and thread the elastic around the waistband (make sure you don’t lose the other end; I like to pin my other end to the fabric so I don’t lose it in the tube). Overlap the 2 ends of elastic and stitch. Have your daughter try the skirt on to make sure the elastic is good where sewn; adjust if necessary. Then, stitch the waistband opening closed.





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