Variation of the Changing Table Mattress Cover

January 21, 2013 in Projects

Here is another cute variation of the Diaper Changing Table Mattress Cover!


Cut a soft fabric at 14″ x 29″ (I used minky) and another fabric 27″ x 29″ (I used woven cotton…remember to preshrink before cutting if you are using a fabric that will shrink or make it big)! Also, remember your changing table mattress may be different, so, measure and cut accordingly. I made this one a little big intentionally.


Fold your short fabric down so that pretty sides are together, pin and sew a half inch seam allowance. Then, finish the seam with a zig-zag sewing machine stitch or a serger.



Fold fabric up after sewing. You can iron just the seam, but, be careful with textured minky, it will iron the “bubbles” down!



If you desire, you can topstitch a ribbon down or cut a 3″ piece of fabric (iron 1/2″ edges under and sew on as you would a ribbon). If you use ribbon like the ribbon shown below, remember not to dry your project on high or let it air dry as the polka dots will melt. Anyways, I just laid it over the seam and topstitched both edges of the ribbon down.



Cut your 5″ corners out, follow the rest of the tutorial posted earlier or see below. Stitch your corners.



Finish the sewn corners and the entire lower edge of the cover with a sewing machine zig-zag (shown below) or serger.



Then, stitch your elastic on, stretching the elastic as you sew. I sewed mine on with a sewing machine zig-zag stitch. See this tutorial to see that you can stitch on with a serger!



Done! 😀


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