Vegas, baby

April 8, 2008 in Style

As I write this, Allyce and I are in the airport waiting to get on a plane to Las Vegas. This is the most exiting part of my spring break; we get to model our DIYStyle designs for McCall’s Pattern Company in a fashion show at the International Textiles Expo. Over spring break we filmed more vodcast segments, caught up on some of Ally’s homework, and rehearsed for our BIG fashion show. I am very excited to be getting a nice little break in Vegas. I’m planning to go to the Fashion Show Mall and look around, maybe some shopping for pattern ideas. Vegas is an exiting and outrageous place to be, their fashion “idea” is absolutely one of a kind, sometimes so original that it could not be worn outside the city limits of Las Vegas!

I’m hoping to meet lots of interesting people at the expo and get them interested in participating in DIYStyle. I know Ally and I can work a crowd, so this event is going to be a groundbreaking one for all of us. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us girls and I think it’s a great way to introduce our new DIYStyle pattern line from McCall’s. We’ll be showing the patterns in some up-and-coming vodcasts, including tips on making the sewing go really easy, and how to make it a “Design It Yourself” garment. I hope you all will go out and try one of our new patterns, and tell your friends! Our first two patterns will be out April 15, and (guess what!?) one of them is LINGERIE!!! Its SOOO fun to SEW! The other pattern features CUTE knit tops.

Stay tuned for more posts when we report back to you on our Vegas experience!


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