Visiting the Portland Art Institute

June 27, 2008 in Style

Portland Art Institute 2

The other day I met a friend of my mom’s, Tricia Crockett. She is a cool, hip, very stylish woman and a teacher at the Portland Art Institute in the fashion design department. We met because we are going to be teaching a class together at Fabric Depot in Portland this summer (look for more info here later) and we needed to figure out what direction we want to take. She was nice enough to offer to give my mom and I a personal tour of the Art Institute. I was very exited. The setting of the school is very urban, the building is extremely new and industrial looking….and high! We met Tricia at the front door and she took us up to the 5th floor where the fashion design program is housed. The walls were covered with amazing pieces of art.  I had never seen such artistic looking designs and design boards. They weren’t just design ideas, they had an artistic representation, a specific look and an entire style. The idea boards displayed in the hallways were from the top students. I also was allowed to peek in the design studios and sewing room, and some of the girls let me take pictures of them in action. I also got to see some great Computer Aided Design projects that really got me interested in this fairly new aspect of design.  I have not been very fond of CAD before, but now I can see how you can incorporate your creative nature into technology. I would really love to learn how to use Photoshop. Maybe when I’m out of school!



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