Wedding Wrap-up

May 30, 2009 in General

I hope you all enjoyed the wedding projects during the month of May.¬† My sister got married on April 25th of this year and the projects posted were things I had made for her wedding with the exception of the purse. (I would have made these but I ran out of time!)¬† Anyway, I thought I would share some things that I learned while working on my sister’s wedding.

1.   There are just about as many wedding websites and there are wedding couples.  But, these are a great place to idea shop.  You can email links and pictures so you know exactly what the bride is talking about.


2.¬† Pace yourself.¬† Tackle one thing at a time, ring bearer pillow one weekend, flower girl basket then next, etc…trying to do too many things at one time can become overwhelming and limit your progress.¬† You want to make the bride happy with everything completed right?

3.¬†¬† Buy plenty of fabric.¬† I can tell you, once¬† you have your list of items set, the bride will come to you with one last thing she saw and say, it’s no big deal but it would be nice to have…and you being the one that wants to make the bride happy will say sure…I can make these for the entire wedding party….. 🙂 for the rehearsal dinner…


4.¬†¬† We didn’t have a veil project but I can talk from experience, a simple veil makes a big impact.¬† And when I say simple I mean just a bunch of tulle gathered to hair clip!¬† The best part, it can be done at the last minute.¬† This is not recommended as it does tend to stress out the bride….


5.¬†¬† The most important thing I learned is only you know what didn’t get done in time, and well, maybe the bride.¬† So relax no one else needs to know.¬† Enjoy what you did get finished and save the other things for the next wedding you get to make things for!¬† And remember, all your touches big and small will add to the special day in a way that a gift of a can opener never will.


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  1. That can koozie is AWESOME!

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