What are you sewing for July 4?

June 14, 2012 in News

My little model! Just happened to snap this shot at the right moment! 😀

(Don’t worry we had lots of people around her while she was on the trampoline)! 😀

Are you sewing something for July 4 for you, for your kiddos, for your house? Did you know you can show us? We’d love to see what our fellow sew-ers have been creating for Independence Day USA! Just upload a picture to Totally Stitchins’ Facebook Page!

I just love this fabric below from JoAnn Fabric; I couldn’t locate it on their website, but found a picture from an old email…it may still be in stores, just not online…but, it’s sparkly (if you see it and it seems stiff, washing helps make it softer)!

Anyways, this is what I made for my little (almost) 2 year old daughter for July 4 with this fabric! I just took measurements from one of my favorite onesie romper outfits on her and created a pattern and sewed it in an hour or so…that’s the best about baby or simple garment sewing like 2-seam skirts, doesn’t take very long (now, intricate garment projects are much different)! 😀 I made the spaghetti straps tie at the top to allow for adjustment and added snaps to the bottom where you would typically find them on a onesie…much easier for diaper changes!

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