Where is your Creative Laboratory?

February 4, 2013 in Sewing Places and Spaces

Yep, I have a creative laboratory.  I use the term “laboratory” because sometimes it gets dirty, sometimes I try things that don’t work (actually, quite a few times it doesn’t work), and its a place where I’m surrounded by all the necessary means to create my masterpiece.  Sometimes my laboratory his hardly recognizable with the fabric thrown everywhere, pattern pieces scattered around the floor and of course a hot wheel car or two that my lovely lab “assistants” have brought in.    I try to pretend that my space is as beautiful and put together like some of my favorite designers:  Patty Young, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner – but I’ll be honest, its not even close.  Heather’s is a real creative studio….mine…..a real creative mess!



What was that?  It looks clean and tidy?  Yes it does, but only because I took this picture on Christmas Eve and we were hosting so I had no choice but to clean up my organized chaos.  I want to point out that yes, that is half pulled off wall paper on the wall, all of the pieces of furniture were found (in my spare time I am a dumpster diver, curb shopper, “bargain” guru), yes my ironing board doubles as my TV stand.  What can I say, I’m lost without my sports!

What does your laboratory look like?  Is it a room?  A corner of a room? The basement, kitchen table or maybe its a special shelf you have set aside with those items that are the most inspirational to you.  As women, we innately want to create.  We can create by painting, organizing, singing, baking and of course, my favorite, sewing.  This room is where all my ideas come together.  Its filled with things that I love.  Some have meaning, some are just eye candy to me.


I’m a sucker for beautiful stacks of fabric.  I love that fabrics sitting there are begging to be made into anything I can conjure up.  I love my new Sashiko machine and the personal touches I’m able to add to all my projects.  I also always have a journal next to my machine to write down my ideas.  One journal for sewing and one for personal.  You never know when you’ll be inspired on how to potty train your two year old.

One of my most favorite things to buy are old flour sacks.  I’m not quite sure what it is, but I feel incredibly inspired by these.  Maybe because its a connection to my (our) heritage.  I collect these as often as I can find them.  I have a few ideas on what I could do but I’m paralized when it comes to actually having to cut them up.  I know I won’t be able to find another one just like it so instead of going into a project they just sit on my dresser keeping me company.  Do you have anything like that?  Anything that is so wonderful to you, you couldn’t bare to cut it?  There should be a 4 step program for people like me.  Step 1: Recognize you have a problem.  Sweet….I’m already there.  😉  Any ideas on how these could be used?  Opinions welcomed!

I hope you have a space that you can call yours to be creative.  Thank you for coming along to my mine.  I know you all want a picture of when its a disaster.  That I can promise to post!

Until next time,

Shannon, Fabric Nosherie





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