Wonder Woman Inspired Headband and Cuffs Tutorial

July 30, 2015 in Projects

Use this simple tutorial to make Wonder Woman inspired headband and cuffs. This project is the perfect addition to your costume closet! Looking for the full costume tutorial? Sign up for Baby Lock’s enews emails to receive a bundle of free Super Hero Halloween costume tutorials with Baby Lock’s 2015 Halloween Ebook!

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Wonder Woman Inspired Headband


1. Measure your kiddo’s head where the headband will be worn and subtract 1″. Take half of that measurement and cut the end of the pattern down (not the “fold” side of the pattern) to that measurement.

2. Fuse your Ultra Soft Fusible Stabilizer to the backside of your fabric. Applique or machine applique/embroider your star design in the center lower edge of the fabric (give about 1.5 “to 2” from the lower edge). Then, cut 2 on the fold from your fabric.

IMG_6524 copyIMG_6527 copy3. Place pretty sides together and pin. Stitch the upper and lower long edges with a 1/2″ seam allowance…do not stitch the short ends closed!

IMG_6528 copy4. Clip down your seams with pinking sheers clipping your curves. Cut down the points substantially…not too much, but, maybe an 1/8″ from the seam allowance.

IMG_6529 copy5. Turn right sides out and press. This is optional, but, I like the look: topstitch close to the upper and lower edges.

IMG_6531 copyIMG_6532 copy6. Insert one end of the elastic into an open end of the headband about a 1/2″ and topstitch close to and over the headband end edge to hold the elastic in place.

IMG_6533 copyIMG_6534 copy7. You might then, measure on your child to see how much elastic to insert into the other end. Repeat the last step with the other side of the elastic and headband with what you’ve measured on your child. Pretty fun and adorable!

IMG_6539 copy

Wonder Woman Inspired Cuffs


  • Silver fabric (I used a stretchy leather-like dance wear silver fabric; it was awesome!)
  • All purpose sewing thread
  • Hook and loop tape (I just cut 1″ tape in half)

1. Measure how long you want these to be up the wrist/arm and add an inch to that. Then, measure around the wrist in 2 spots. Measure at the wrist and add 1.5″. Then, measure around the arm where the top of the cuff will lay and add a 1.5″. Now, draw a trapezoid with those measurements (black lines shown below, short edge is the wrist side). Then, just add a little curve to the lower and upper edges (pink line shown below); you can use the edge of a bowl or something similar…it doesn’t need much, just the slightest curve. Then, cut 4 from your fabric.

trapezoid with curves2. Match pairs of 2 and pin pretty sides together. Stitch the upper and lower curves, as well as, one short edge with a 1/2″ seam allowance (leave the other straight, short edge open for turning). Then, trim down the seam allowance. Trim the upper curve with pinking sheers and the wrist curve with regular scissors and then, make short clips into the seam allowance along this curve with every half inch.

IMG_6542 copy3. Turn right sides out and I used this nifty tool called The Ultimate Stiletto to turn and pop my points out on the one end. I had to then press this with a cover cloth.

IMG_6545 copy4. Measure this wrist band on the wear-ee and cut the open side down as needed, you’ll only want about a 1/2″ overlap. Because this is a costume I didn’t turn the raw edge under and it’s knit, so it’s not going to fray on me. I stitched the hook side of the tape on the open end so if would be facing out and away from the skin when worn. Then, I stitched the soft loop side of the tape the the finished edge of the cuff (opposite side as the other hook tape, as shown below).

IMG_6546 copy

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