You Can’t Touch This – But You Can Sew It

May 5, 2008 in General

Old fashion trends are so hilarious, and one of the best ways to laugh at them – or cringe with recognition – is by looking at old sewing patterns. Little known fact: I used to do a lot of musicals. One year (1993, I believe) I starred in a hip play called “Arch the Angel”, and all of the angels were required – yes, REQUIRED to wear white MC Hammer Pants. So my mom brought home this gem of a pattern:

And two days later, I was Too Legit To Quit. I wore these bad boys everywhere, and everyone at school was totally jealous. You are too; don’t lie. Today I stumbled across this fascinating site, Lanetz Living, where you can buy or browse through over 7,000 vintage and discontinued sewing patterns. I didn’t see the Hammer Pants here, but I did spot plenty of shoulder pads!

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