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by Stacey

Before You Hang Up That Prom Dress

May 26, 2012 in Style

The school year is coming to a close, and most teens are dreaming of having a great summer break. Maybe a summer job, but I am sure they will be spending as much time as they can with their friends. As they put this past school year to bed; the football games, and late nights spent cramming for tests, school ...

by Stacey

Bringing Autumn Indoors

October 21, 2011 in Style

The weather here in St. Louis has finally taken a dive south, and a little too close to freezing for my tastes, and while the trees have been so beautiful with their vibrate hues, in the last week they have begun to fade.  I love the colors of autumn and when they begin to fade outdoors, it is time to ...

by Mac

Bag Stalking 101 @ The Sewing Summit

October 12, 2011 in Style

Have you ever been standing near someone that clearly had made their own awesome bag and just wanted to take a picture of it? Well, that happened to me at The Sewing Summit about 200 times! I feel that this experience made me quite the expert in bag stalking, so I thought I would share with you a few tips ...

by Mac

Poetry Bombing, with a Needle and Thread

July 7, 2011 in Style

Augustina Woodgate spreads unexpected messages in area thrift store clothing. Video courtesy of Miami New Times. Click here for the full article.

by Stacey

Here Comes the Bride…Wearing What?

June 23, 2011 in Style

As June comes to an end, the season of weddings is well underway.  Brides from around the world are always trying to incorporate their style into one of the most important days of their life, their wedding day.  While some Brides enjoy the very traditional wedding others think outside the bakery box into a world of dresses I never knew ...

by Stacey

Doing More With Thread

June 9, 2011 in Style

I can assume that everyone reading this blog has at least one spool of thread and has used it in some type of sewing.  Although, I can not assume that you have thought of stacking thousands of spools on top of each other to create a reproduction of a famous work of art, well that is until now.  Devorah Sperber ...

by Stacey

Prom Dresses Made Out Of What?

May 19, 2011 in Style

Teenagers are always trying to stress their individuality, and prom season is no different.  Take a minute to check out what these teens wore that  big night. You have probably heard of Tara Frey from Wisconsin, who’s Mother made her a one of a kind dress made out of Starburst  candy wrappers. [caption id="attachment_4730" align="aligncenter" width="269" caption=""][/caption] To my surprise she was not ...

Birthday Party Idea: Tie Dye Shirts

May 10, 2011 in Projects, Style

My daughter recently turned 5, and you know what that means--PARTY TIME! We went with a tie-dye, peace sign, theme. It was really easy to find coordinating decorations, tableware, and even party favors online! Best of all, I did the shopping from the comfort of my own home. The girls all made bracelets that turned out really cute. The activity that was the biggest ...

by Stacey

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2011 in General, Style, Tips & Tricks

[caption id="attachment_4532" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Mayer-Torno School of Irish Dance"][/caption] Saint Patrick’s Day always reminds me of Irish Dancers, young girls with their hair full of curls and their beautifully embellished dresses. One of my past employers would hire the local Irish dance school to come in on Saint Patrick’s Day and dance in the cafeteria during lunch. It was always ...

by Stacey

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Truth About Shopping Bags

February 24, 2011 in General, Style, Tips & Tricks

I love bags, and have collected quite a grand assortment of reusable shopping bags.  Unfortunately, they never end up back in the car when I am out shopping.  So I confess, I am not as green as I would like to be, or should be.  But I was shocked at what I have been learning about shopping bags: from the ...
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