Terms & Conditions

The blogs and forums are spaces for discussing your projects, ideas and sewing/crafting experiences.

Everyone should try to keep posts on topic.

As with all Internet media, you should be aware of any security issues. So, please do not post private information, such as: phone numbers, addresses, full names and that type of information.

We want to have a conversation with others who like to create and sew. Please treat others with courtesy you’d like them to show you. Please do not use the blogs and forums to directly sell your products.

We want to make TotallyStitchin.net a positive, fun place for everyone so Baby Lock reserves the right to lock any entry or thread for any reason. We don’t see that we would need to do so but we may delete information from the forums. This may result in denial of access to the blogs and forums.

If you see a thread that violates the above rules, please notify Admin by emailing community@totallystitchin.net with a link to the post.

Otherwise, be yourself and have fun. Thanks for making TotallyStitchin.net a fun place to visit.